Performing Scaled Agile Transformations


We provide cost effective, high-value consulting services for the specific purpose of enabling your organization to transition from either waterfall project management and/or small-scale agile, to a highly scalable Lean-Agile-based SAFe® approach for the rapid, valuable and high quality delivery of solutions.  Aspects that we address during transformations include:

  1. Time-to-market - from business idea to IT solution delivery.
  2. Predictability of solution delivery.
  3. Alignment of business and IT objectives.
  4. Regularity of requirements refinement.
  5. Regularity of planning, constructing, testing, integration and reviewing of systems.
  6. Collaboration between business and IT teams/areas
  7. Actionable metrics.
  8. The extent to which aspects/areas of both business and IT are currently siloed and the reasons.

Next Steps...

Contact us for our cost effective consulting hourly rates, in addition to  our skills and expertise in your organization's adoption of the Lean, Agile and SAFe® Value-based approach to software and systems creation, implementation, maintenance and ongoing alignment with ever-evolving internal and external drivers...